Welcome to America's Lost Roads Site. The site includes photos and historical descriptions of old roads that have been replaced or bypassed by more modern highways. Some of the roads are still in use, while others have been abandoned or removed. If you have historic information on roads listed, or any new Lost Roads, please feel free to contribute.

Highway News and Current Events

I-69 News and Updates Page (July 23, 2008): Recent I-69 developments: Construction begins on I-69 in Indiana; federal law routes I-69 over Kentucky parkways; I-69 extended northward from Mississippi into Memphis. Click here to view I-69 progress updates.


The western end of the Indiana Toll Road at the Illinois/Indiana state line just east of Chicago. This photo was taken headed eastbound into Indiana, and the Chicago Skyway Bridge is in the opposite direction. (Photo taken on June 20, 2007)

The Lost Roads…Found Again

The inventory of Lost Roads is organized by state. Interstate and U.S. highways have a page for each state through which the route travels. For expmple, Interstate 29 passes through Missouri, Iowa, and South Dakota. Thus, I-29 will have three pages, one for each state through which it passes.

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